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bm0ax43k Dark Night of the Soul. Night of Dark Shadows - Wikipedia, Night of Dark Shadows is a 1971 horror film by Dan Curtis.It is the sequel to House of Dark Shadows.It centers on the story of Quentin Collins and his bride Tracy at the Collinwood Mansion in Collinsport, Maine.. David Selby, Lara Parker, John Karlen, Kate Jackson, Grayson Hall, and Nancy Barrett star.. Night of Dark Shadows was not as successful as House of Dark Shadows. Dark Night of the Soul "Dark night of the soul" sounds like a threatening and much to be avoided experience. Yet perhaps a quarter of the seekers on the road to higher consciousness will pass through the dark night, Dark Night of the Soul | beyond karma. Dark Was the Night - Wikipedia. Dark Was the Night may refer to:. Dark Was the Night, a 2009 compilation album; Dark Was the Night, an American thriller film; Dark Was the Night, an American drama film "Dark Was the Night" (Grey's Anatomy), a 2011 episode of Grey's AnatomySee also. Dark Was the Night, Cold Was the Ground", a 1927 song by Blind Willie Johnson. 210 thoughts on “ Dark Night of the Soul ” Rini June 23, 2013 at 4:00 AM. Hi everybody.. Kaushik, I feel grateful that you are sharing your experience upon this. It is happening to me right now, after I read ‘awereness’ book of Anthony de Mello for the second time..

Idk but i guess if after 10+ years i made a random guy listen this song fully without telling anything about blind willie he/she surely will make fun of this one! If you are here after 10 or so years and respect this guy and this song you know what human emotions and loneliness is. (Sorry i couldnt explain it well).

honestly this movie very good actualy, but i little bit confiusing about the story.. why alex blind ? look someone did it to him but no one knows.. and i hope this will be a part 2 movie,. because this such a twilight movie..

Valaki Paul Streetrol? 🙄

I wish he died in peace instead of dying on wet newspaper in the ashes of his home.


Voyager in case it's ever encountered by extraterrestrials is carrying photos of life on earth, greetings in 55 languages and a collection of music, including Dark Was the Night ( Cold Was the Ground ) by 20's bluesman Blind Willie Johnson whose step mother blinded him at 7 by throwing lye in his eyes after his father beat her for being with another man. Blind Willie died penniless, of pneumonia after sleeping bundled in wet newspapers in the ruins of his house that burned down... but his music left the solar system..

I give this movie a 10/10 it was good

Heavy Borderlands vibe. Anyone else?

Oh wow. This looks phenomenal. ..how much talent does this family have


I love this little monster

Hello Aliens

any one know the song from the mouvie? This song doesn't sound lonely to me. It seems more restful, almost like a lullaby after a long day. I hear a weary soul that just needs some tranquility before continuing on a long journey. If anything, I think it feels meditative and deep. Perhaps it's the connotation added by knowing the trouble's of the man's life who sung the song, but when listening to this piece without knowing the background, I feel no sorrow in it, just peace..

Just close your eyes and listen to this melody You will feel how alone we really are in this never ending Universe...


Gotta love that one little Gospel-twinged glimmer of hope at 1:36





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